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Why SkyBlox Systems?

Welcome to our trusted IT company, where we specialize in server hosting and tailored custom services. Your data's security and privacy are our top priorities, and we proudly uphold the strict regulations of GDPR to ensure your information remains protected. We're honored to be the trusted choice for numerous businesses, thanks to our unwavering commitment to data safety and our long-standing track record of reliability. Join the ranks of satisfied clients who have entrusted us with their IT needs, and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your data is in capable hands.

Powerful Servers

Our services are hosted on powerful servers (Intel Core i5-13500 & Xeon E3-1270 v6), making sure that there is no issues with any of our services.

Always online

Our servers is 99.9% always online. Our services only goes offline if there if a update or a backend issue.



We take security seriously at SkyBlox Systems.
We aim to provide the most up to date security
features, and always have backed up our services.


We provide updates to all of our services regularly.

Ticket Bot

Ticket Bot provides the best ticket bot services for discord. Trusted by alot of popular servers, better then other ticket bots.

Ticket Bot Features

User Feedback

Want to give a server a feedback or a user? No matter what, you can submit feedback for the user and the server after your ticket is closed!

Ticket Claiming

Having issues with everyone using the same ticket? Ticket Claiming allows only one user to claim the ticket at once.

Ticket Tracker

You can track how many tickets are open within your guild by using our built in, free ticket tracker.


You can save a transcript with the ticket you done. Allowing anyone, to see what happen.


With free and premium, you have access to V1 of API. Allowing you, to use our API to get information of your data

Custom settings

With all plans, you have access to customize your bot in your guild. Allowing it to be how you like it to be.

Hosting Services

SkyBlox Hosting is a new hosting service what we provide, and its design to give our customers the best experience to hosting a game server, web server. Even better, its free!

Hosting Features

Free + Paid

We offer a free hosting plan, what allows you
to test out how our hosting works. And its forever.

Powerful servers

Our dedicated game servers are so powerful that it can handle over 200 servers at once.

Fast Delivery

All services are set up within 2 minutes of purchase.

Free + Paid

We offer a free hosting plan, what allows you
to test out how our hosting works. And its forever.

Plugin Support

We have multiples of plugins on our panel to give you the best experience possible.  

SkyBlox Music

We provide a music bot for discord, while having the best experience 

Ready to get started?

Why not join our discord server to see a trial
of the bot and everything?